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Spencer has entertained thousands of people  on the seven seas for over 10years with his smooth vocals, soaring sax and energetic stage presence.


Spencer has two very different shows to offer! His most popular show is "Saxophone Classics" showcasing everybody's favourite sax tunes. It's a fun filled show with classics such as "Pink Panther", "Baker Street", "Careless Whisper" and every famous sax tune you can think of!  You'll be taken through different music genres making sure that everybody in the crowd feels involved.

His 2nd show is a variety show in its truest form.  You'll be tapping your toes to a New Orleans Stomp one moment and then listening to epic power ballads from the likes of Adele the next.  You'll hear songs that you won't have heard on sax before but you'll leave his show convinced they were always written for it.

Both shows are 45mins long and are available with backing tracks or live band.


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